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Hello and welcome to the HSP Wales web site


This site was originally created for Wales region 6 as a platform for information on meetings with some general information about HSP but it would be a shame to restrict it to this one local role, so as it expands it is important to include all who suffer with HSP not just in Wales but all of the United Kingdom and Ireland, in fact we welcome visitors from all over the world who are united in this one cause, please contact us with your messages, stories, information.

Please write to me with anything you think will be of interest to others tell us were you are from and if you wish I will put you in our visitors book

We welcome your input remember this is your site let's make it a good one 

This site always welcomes others to interact on a day to day basis and to this end the site is updated  regularly.


The HSP Support Group

Moving Forward Together

If you have recently been diagnosed with HSP (Hereditary Spastic Paraplegia) you are not alone. We are here to help and invite you to join us.

The HSP group was formed in 1991 by Stephanie Wyatt to support her affected husband and son. Our membership is now nationwide and continues to expand.
The aims of the group are to encourage and support sufferers. Regional meetings are currently held in Devon, Surrey, Hertfordshire to Gloucester area 3,The North West, Wales and Scotland, giving members the chance to make friends and learn from one another. We have electronic communications facilities allowing members to share information and keep in touch.
We have supported medical research both financially and by providing volunteers. As the group grows in resources, we shall continue this support and develop it further.
We provide members with information on many topics varying from therapies to benefit entitlement. 
The group is in direct contact with equivalent associations in Europe, America, and Australia.

What Does the Support Group Do? 

A newsletter is distributed quarterly and gives the opportunity for members to share information. Additional advancements in research etc can be highlighted.

Helpline : HSP is a rare condition and additional information at this initial stage of diagnosis can help ease some of the worries. The helpline is run by a fellow sufferer with children. As a qualified counsellor from a social work background, she is suitably qualified to offer guidance and support.

Medical Papers :
Being a rare inherited condition the group has constant contact with genetic specialists, doctors and counsellors. This enables an updated database on current research to be maintained. These papers are available to medical professionals requiring additional specialist information.

Grants :
Members can apply for financial assistance towards the purchase of a mobility aid,
Or any other item (or treatment) that may help improve their quality of life.

Regional Meetings:
Informal get-togethers are held at various locations nationwide for members to share information and make new friends.

Medical professionals are invited to update the group on research and new medical aspects
of the condition at our annual conference. Additionally it is a platform for members to meet socially. Due to increased membership and to ease on travelling, smaller conferences in the north and south may be considered.

Contact us

Help Line 01702 218 184
Membership 01202 849 391

Contact address
The HSP Support Group
37 Wimborne Road West
Wimborne, Dorset BH21 2DQ







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